Missing Paris man found

Paris, Texas – A disabled Paris man that went missing for nearly a week was found in a wooded area near a lake Friday. 34 year old Brandon Scott Echols was found some distance away from the motorized wheelchair he uses for mobility. He was still wearing the same clothes he was in when he went missing last Monday. Police were unsure of how long Echols had been out in the woods, and if he had been exposed to the freezing temperatures of last week.

A person riding a four-wheeler through the area heard cries for help, and reported them to police. When police arrived, they were able to find Echols by following his cries for help. Echols was able to talk to officers at the scene but did not shed much light on how he came to be in the woods and away from his wheelchair.

Echols was taken to Paris Regional Medical Center and is reported to be in fair and stable condition. He had gone missing last Monday after leaving the home he shares with his parents to visit a nearby restaurant.