Monday drug bust in Greenville

Greenville – A Monday evening traffic stop near Greenville leads to the arrest of two individuals, charged with possession of marijuana.

Greenville Police Officer Robert Pemberton stopped an SUV with a Tennessee temporary tag for a defective license plate light while it was traveling east on Interstate 30.

During the course of the traffic stop, both the driver, Tabitha Renee Williams, 29, of Tennessee, and the passenger, Bryan Karsten Dalton, 29, also of Tennessee, were said to be behaving suspiciously and that when contacted separately, their stories concerning their trip did not match.

Officer Pemberton asked both Williams and Dalton for permission to search the vehicle and they consented. Officer Pemberton then asked Dalton to exit the vehicle and he conducted a frisk of Dalton's outer clothing. As the officer was completing the frisk, Dalton jumped into the vehicle and attempted to drive away. Officer Pemberton was able to pull the keys from the ignition. Dalton then attempted to exit the vehicle. As Officer Pemberton was attempting to gain control of Dalton, Officer Jerry Denton had arrived on the scene. Dalton began to resist, but the officers were able to remove him from the vehicle and place him under arrest. Sargent Perry Sandlin arrived on the scene and a search of the vehicle was conducted. Officers discovered 9.75 pounds of marijuana in luggage at the rear of the vehicle.

Both Dalton and Williams were transported to the Hunt County Jail. At the jail, Dalton was discovered to have what was believed to be powder cocaine on his person.

Bryan Karsten Dalton was charged with Possession of Marijuana and his bond was set at $30,000. Dalton was also charged with Possession of a Controlled Substance, with a bond set at $5,000 and Resisting Arrest, with a bond set at $3,000. Tabitha Renee Williams was charged with Possession of Marijuana and her bond was set at $15,000. Each remained in custody as of Tuesday.