Mosquito spraying Friday in Commerce

Commerce – The City of Commerce will be spraying for mosquitoes Friday night. Spraying will begin around 10pm tomorrow night, and the entire city will be sprayed, which is a change from previous years, according to Commerce City Manager Bill Shipp.

SHIPP: The one person we had who was licensed to apply the spray is no longer with the city, so we're sending some people to school later on in the year, but in the meantime we don't have anybody that is licensed to apply the spray. So what we did is we're contracting out the spraying. We're going to do the whole city. When we were doing it ourselves, we were doing a sector at a time; but they would like to do the whole city in one night, so they're going to do it in one night.

The product being sprayed is extremely toxic to fish and all fish ponds should be covered when spraying is in your area. The chemicals are of low toxicity to people and pets but direct contact should be avoided.