New animal control ordinance for Commerce

Commerce – The Commerce City Council passed the first reading of a new, robust animal control ordinance in regular session last night. The previous animal control ordinance was revamped, with much more detail added, definitions clarified, and new measures put in place to address animal cruelty, livestock, pet registration, and number of pets allowed per household.

Director of Community Development Steve Wilson told the council that one of the most drastic changes is the new acreage requirements on keeping livestock within the city limits. He also said the number of dogs and cats allowed will be restricted to five per residence. A new requirement to have all pets registered with the city should help track the number of pets each household has.

WILSON: How we'll monitor it is we'll have a record of how many animals; by our new ordinance they have to be registered with us.

Fees for registering animals with the city have been dropped. Any animals not registered are subject to be picked up by animal control and taken to the Animal Shelter.

The ordinance also gives Commerce officials more power to respond to complaints about animals within the city limits.