New developments in the illegal gambling in Hunt, Rains Counties

Hunt County, Rains County – The plot thickens on an undercover investigation by WFAA in Dallas concerning gambling machines in Hunt and Rains County. Now, two men allegedly involved in the illegal gambling have been indicted in connection with organized crime and a murder-for-hire scheme.

The continuing story from WFAA that exposed a thriving gambling business in Hunt County reported that Hunt County Attorney Joel Littlefield claimed his hands were tied due to a loophole in state law. The Hunt County Sheriff has blamed commissioners for lack of resources and commissioners have blamed state law.

Meanwhile, Rains County Attorney Robert Vititow has expressed zero tolerance for illegal gambling. He shut down an operation in October of 2004 and charged eight people with crimes. Two of those, Charlie McAnally and Hayward Rigano, are now indicted for a murder-for-hire scheme. They allegedly tried to have a Rains County investigator killed.