New homes going up all over Commerce

Commerce – There are several housing projects in the works for the City of Commerce. A student-only complex along Monroe Street is already leasing, and should be finished soon. A 100 unit complex at the corner of Mangum and Culver is projected to have occupancy in January of 2006, and will offer breaks for low-income families. And a 125 unit garden-style apartment complex has been cleared to go up on County Road 3218, across from Hydro Aluminum. As the Strategic Economic Plan for Commerce continues to gain momentum, city leaders look towards economic development, and City Manager Bill Shipp said housing is tied to all aspects of development.

SHIPP: It's hard to say which comes, housing, or retail; but all those are very closely intertwined.

Shipp also said Commerce is a central point, and workers need to be attracted to live in the city.

SHIPP: ...and I think that the more housing opportunities we provide those people, the more people we're going to attract to actually live in Commerce, as well.

Other projects for new housing continue throughout the City of Commerce, such as five duplexes going up on Ellen Drive and a major housing edition in progress by Mark Sullivan. The City itself has also applied again this year for grants allowing for the repair or reconstruction of dilapidated housing.