New website underscores commitment to stray dogs

Apr 19, 2012

LADONIA - The City of Ladonia had become inundated with stray dogs over the past several years, causing unrest among citizens.

But within the last few months, the efforts of many have allowed for a more streamlined approach in educating citizens and improving the quality of life for humans and dogs.

Glen Wolfe and his wife, Lily, moved to Ladonia in 2010. They started a shelter last June and help fund and staff the facility.

“When I first moved here I would see more dogs walking through town than people; sometimes 10-20 in a day, loose, bleeding, injured, starving and dogs in heat.  Today, I maybe see one, but usually none,” said Wolf.

And with the launch of, the small Fannin County town of roughly 600 and surrounding community can become better informed of the need to help control the constant influx of stray and abandoned dogs. But also, as the shelter’s mission reads, provide loving care, food and shelter to otherwise neglected and starving dogs.

“We operated under more privacy, but have been rescuing dogs here since we moved here in 2010. When the city was looking for ideas on how to deal with the problem we decided it was time to increase our commitment to the issue and become more than just a shelter for dogs, but an education center for owners as well,” Wolfe stated.

He says adding new fences and improving dog areas has helped to empower the city and sped its implementation of animal control laws.  

“Our goal is to see the city become a responsible humane community and when we can do our best to educate the citizens using our shelter as the chalkboard.”

On Saturday, the City of Ladonia will sponsor "Responsible Pet Ownership Day", from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The event is intended to provide animal owners in Ladonia and the surrounding Communities (within 30 miles including but not limited to Pecan Gap, Honey Grove, Bonham, Windom, Dodd City, Gober, Bailey, Commerce, Cooper, Wolfe City, & Fairlie) low cost vaccines, microchips & heart worm testing provided by `Cause for Paws'.

All dogs must be on a secure leash and under full control by their owner. Please bring your cats in secure carriers.

Vaccines & Services provided for by `Cause for Paws':
Dogs: Rabies $ 8
Parvo/Distemper: $10
Bordetella: $10
Heartworm Test: $12
Cats:Feline Distemper: $10
Feline Leukemia: $15
Heartworm Test: $20
Dogs & Cats:Micro-Chip: $20

`Cause for Paws' will have for sale medications for flea & tick prevention & heartworm prevention. Information on spay & neutering services will be available.

Registering your Ladonia pet:
Rabies vaccination: $8 per dog or cat
Registration: free of charge during this event only*
***Current proof of rabies vaccination is required for registration***
*You must bring picture identification such as your driver license or State ID*

Additional booths for pet related venders and activities are welcome.