Neylandville's only business to close

Neylandville – Neylandville's only business is about to close. At least temporarily, that is. Spartan Liquors on State Highway 224 is in the midst of a closeout sale. The store's manager said the business would be shutting down once the sale is over, but that the store would be remodeled and then reopen in a few months.

Although it no longer holds the distinction as being the closest place where local residents can buy beer or wine thanks to the November votes approving those sales in Greenville Neylandville and Spartan Liquors remain the closest location to the city where hard liquor can be legally sold and purchased. Residents of the city voted to go wet in 1976.

But Neylandville has been shrinking in population since that time and the sales generated from the store were down considerably when compared to last year, according to the Texas Comptroller's Office.

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