No 'gators caught yet in Gee Lake

Commerce – No alligators have been caught yet out of A&M-Commerce's Gee Lake. Alligator warning signs were put up after University Police reported seeing at least one alligator at Gee Lake.

Wildlife Biologist Mark MacDonald was called in to attempt to capture the animal. Live wire and net traps have been placed in several locations since late last week, but no gators have been caught. MacDonald has also spent hours searching the water for any signs of an alligator, but hasn't found anything yet.

He said it was possible for a larger male to have found a hiding spot under the Performing Arts Center that overlooks Gee Lake and only come out once or twice a month to feed. He also said if smaller, younger alligators were present, MacDonald felt he would have seen or captured them by now.

MacDonald said another possibility is the creature spotted is actually an Alligator Snapping Turtle. Alligator Snapper's are also a threatened species, according to MacDonald. Alligator Snappers have a shell that bears heavy resemblance to an alligator's back.

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The Center for Reptile and Amphibian Conservation and Management

Yahooligans! Alligator Snapping Turtle