North Lamar ISD Expects Long-Term Rental Of Portable Buildings

May 9, 2017

Portable buildings on school campuses are sometimes called “temporaries” – but in the North Lamar Independent School District, the structures are likely to be a fixture on campuses for the near future.

This week, the district’s Board of Trustees gave Superintendent John McCullough the authority to finalize a deal with the Tyler Independent School District to move 26 temporary buildings from Tyler to Paris over the summer. District officials estimate that the structures will serve about 200 students over the 2017-18 school year.

North Lamar ISD administrators had hoped to use the buildings for a short time, but in light of a recent bond proposal’s defeat at the polls, the district will likely be using the temporary structures longer.

“I talked with the [Tyler ISD] superintendent about using the portables longer than two years, and he said that would not be a problem,” McCullough told The Paris News.

A $44.9 million bond proposal was defeated by 85 votes in a May 6 election. 1,100 votes were cast against the measure, compared to 1,015 in favor.

The primary stated purpose of the bond was to improve the district’s physical facilities. North Lamar ISD President Paul Drake board president Paul Drake expressed his disappointment to The Paris News.

“Now, instead of being in the portables for two years, the students will be in them for an indefinite amount of time — until we find another option,” Drake said.

A $56 million bond proposal was defeated by voters in 2016.

North Lamar ISD officials said they expect the temporary buildings to be moved from Tyler to Paris in June.