North Texas city approves ban on K2 sales

Allen – A North Texas city has approved a full ban on the sale of K2.

The Allen City Council Tuesday night unanimously adopted an ordinance that prohibits the use, purchase, possession and sale of the synthetic cannabinoid, citing public health purposes.

Although K2 is marketed as incense, some say that when smoked it mimics the effects of marijuana, forcing some cities to look at how or if it should be sold.

Mansfield was the first North Texas city to pass a citywide limit on the sale of K2.

The City of Sulphur Springs recently passed a first reading restricting the sale of the product to anyone under 21, plus banning the product's sale within 1,000 feet of protected areas such as schools and parks. Approval of a second reading next month is required for the ordinance to become final.

State Senator Florence Shapiro of Plano has also recently announced her intention to file a bill during next year's session banning K2 entirely throughout the state.