Northeast Texas Children's Museum starts fundraising campaign to spur growth

Commerce – The Northeast Texas Children's Museum announced a capital campaign yesterday intended to build reserves and allow growth for the facility. Where Dreams Begin is the name of the campaign publicly announced at a Rotary Club meeting at the Children's Museum yesterday. The museum seeks to raise an entire year's budget, which is about $150,000, to put into reserves. This should allow the facility a greater chance of receiving monies through grants and other programs, according to Children's Museum Board President Wyman Williams.

WILLIAMS: They just want to make sure we're sustainable. If they're going to give us X number of dollars, they want us to be here next year to use it.

The Northeast Texas Children's museum celebrates its 3rd birthday in September. Williams announced that $26,000 of the targeted $150,000 has already been raised in silent fundraising since July. The facility hopes to reach the goal by the end of this year. You can learn more about the Northeast Texas Children's Museum on the web at .