Officials to discuss proposed animal shelter

Bonham – A proposed animal shelter in Fannin County is expected to be a topic of discussion during next week's Bonham City Council meeting.

County residents have expressed interest in a new facility, donating approximately $190,000 to the cause. A grant worth $40,000 was also recently awarded. But it may take another $50,000 plus to fund the building's construction, and then additional costs to maintain it.

Proposed is a $3 per capita increase to each city's budget with a population over 1,000. A $1.50 per capita increase is being asked of cities less than 1,000 residents.

Fannin Judge Eileen Cox says the county is awaiting cooperation from the City of Bonham before moving forward.

Savoy has also yet to provide its backing for the project, indicating a bottom dollar figure has still not been determined. City Clerk Missy Rickman says the $1.50 figure may also still be too large for the city to afford.

Bonham City Manager Corby Alexander says the city's current shelter costs $5-8,000 per year to maintain, while a new shelter would cost $30,000 each year. While council has expressed interest and support of the project, it was unsure if they wanted to go as far as funding it. If approved, the current shelter would no longer be used.

The proposed shelter would be located along CR 4200 near the new county jail. The county is waiting for approval from all cities before moving forward.