Orthodox Christian Texans prepare for Christmas

Jan 6, 2014

Orthodox Christians in Texas and around the world celebrate the Feast of the Nativity - Christmas Day - on Jan. 7.

That's because Dec. 25 in the old Julian calendar falls on Jan. 7 using the newer Gregorian calendar - the one that's in common use today.

Orthodoxy, of course, isn't the most common form of Christianity in Northeast Texas. There is one Orthodox parish in the KETR listening area - St. Nicholas Orthodox Church in McKinney.

There are several Orthodox parishes throughout North Texas, including ones in Allen, Dallas, Denison and Mesquite. In East Texas, there are Orthodox parishes in Bullard, Jacksonville and Tyler.

Fr. Seraphim Holland spoke with KETR about the Orthodox tradition - and also explained how the historical St. Nicholas differs from the "St. Nick" of the Santa Claus stories.