Over $40 K spent to patrol Paris protests

Paris – Estimates show the July 21 protests in Paris cost the city, county and state in excess of $40,000 combined.

Approximately 100 law enforcement officers from the Paris Police Department, Lamar County Sheriff's Office and Texas Department of Public Safety were on hand at the protest. More than 500 black and white protesters reportedly showed, compared to the 100 that officials had anticipated.

A majority of costs incurred are associated with the amount of overtime paid to officers, emergency medical services, vehicle use and fuel expenses.

The Paris News says the city's police force had approximately 50 officers on duty that day. Another 41 contributed from the DPS and 17 from the Lamar County Sheriff's Office.

Two white men were arrested during the protest for disorderly conduct by language, but no injuries were reported. The protest was regarding the recent dismissal of charges against two white men, accused of killing a black man in September, 2008.