Parents, administrators meet to discuss teen survey

Commerce – A group of parents and Commerce ISD administrators met earlier this week to discuss a survey outlining dangerous behavior in teenagers. The Youth Risk Behavior Study was administered to students across the state and nation, including 194 Commerce High School students, with parental permission. That number represents about 38% of the students. In most schools, around 98% of students take the survey.

The study is meant to monitor the priority risk behaviors among teens that lead to death and address social problems of youth.

Commerce students tended to be a few points above or below national and state averages in most areas. Of the students taking the survey, 7% said they had carried a weapon to school in the last 30 days, with 6% the national average. 12% said they had been forced into sexual intercourse, with 9% the national average. 2% said they had used heroin, with 3.9% the national average.

Many other questions were asked from whether bicycle helmets are worn to sexual activity.