Parents for Change group speaks to CISD Board

Commerce – Around 30 parents showed to the Commerce School Board meeting last night in support of the new Parents for Change group. Tina Rabb and Janice Ashley represented the group that aims at making positive changes at Commerce Schools.

RABB: It is the goal of Parents for Change to lead the way to more parent and community involvement in our children's education; and in doing so, to effect positive change in our schools.

Rabb said over 120 people attended the first meeting of the group which focused on airing rumors around Commerce Schools and identifying issues parents felt to be most important.
Parents for Change also had three requests for the Commerce School Board. The groups wished to be officially acknowledged by being placed on the agenda for August, they requested every board meeting be televised on cable channel 3 in Commerce, and asked to be considered an official advisory panel to the school board.