Paris Engineer Weighs in on NLISD Buildings

Aug 10, 2017

The City of Paris has weighed in on whether it’s safe to move North Lamar Independent School District students and faculty back into two school buildings suspected of being structurally unsound. 

On Monday, the school board voted to halt paying for portable classrooms based on a study by JWE Engineering. That study found that despite concerns over structural integrity, Bailey Intermediate and Higgins Elementary schools posed no imminent threat.  School officials subsequently planned to place classes back inside those buildings.

But City Engineer Carla Easton wrote a letter to North Lamar Superintendent John McCullough urging him to not move ahead with those plans before addressing several potential operational safety issues in the buildings.

Easton wrote that the city engineering office will inspect the buildings by the end of next week and give the school board a list of items in need of attention.

The letter written by Paris Engineer Carla Easton to the NLISD.
Credit Courtesy of Paris News