Paris Man Found More Than a Month After Death

Jul 31, 2012

PARIS - The body of Richard S. Gross, who may have died as early as June 27, was found Sunday in his home.

Neighbors had not seen the 61-year-old Gross in a few weeks, leading officers to the 200 block of 5th Street S.W. After gaining entry, they located Gross in a bathtub. 

Public Information Officer Curtis Garrett tells the Paris News that most of the home was flooded as the water was still running when they arrived.

“By information gained from a utility notice, it appears that the man may have died as early as June 27,” Garrett said. “Mail was found that was dated May 20 in the mailbox addressed to the deceased. Nothing was disturbed in the home.”

A cause of death was not given. The deceased’s next of kin was located in Arkansas and notified.