Paris Mayor saves a life

Paris, Texas – Its one way to serve the people. Paris' new Mayor, Jesse Freelen, helped save a man's life Saturday after the man suffered a heart attack in the grandstands of the Paris Motor Speedway. Freelen performed emergency CPR on 44 year old Roger Stripland after finishing a race.

Stripland had gone into the stands to sit with his family, and Freelen was about to begin a race of his own when the heart attack struck. The Reno Volunteer Fire Department was on hand, and first began to help. Race officials threw a red flag, and grabbed Freelen, who has performed emergency CPR on other occasions at the track.

Stripland was not breathing and had no pulse when Freelen got to him. After chest compressions were unsuccessful, Freelen used a defibrillator from the Reno VFD. After three shocks and more CPR, Stripland's heart began beating again.

Paris emergency services took Stripland to the hospital. Doctors say he suffered minimal heart damage. Sunday was he and his wife's 18th wedding anniversary.

In addition to being Mayor of Paris, Freelen heads Kimberly-Clarks emergency response team, is a member of the Paris EMS reserve, and is also a member of the Brookston Volunteer Fire Department.