Pee Wee Walker honored by council

Commerce – A resolution honoring Michael Pee Wee Walker was passed by the Commerce City Council earlier this week. The Council will be naming a conference room in the New City Hall after Walker, as well as placing a bronze plaque in the lobby in his honor. Walker's father, Dick, spoke to the council.

WALKER:I know how much my son loved that job. I know how much he loved working for ya'll, and for the people of this town. And what pride he took in doing the job.

Pee Wee Walker was shot in June 2005 outside a Caddo Street home. He was taking pictures for city code violations when confronted by the homeowner's son. Adam Ward is accused of going into the house, getting a pistol, and shooting Walker multiple times. It is believed to be the first time in US history a code enforcement officer was killed in the line of duty.

Ward's trial is scheduled to begin in April.