PJC Regents learn of budget cuts

Paris – Area school districts, colleges and universities are following the every moves of the Texas Legislature, to learn how they'll be affected by budget cuts.

This week, the Paris Junior College Board of Regents received a report from President Pam Anglin that shows proposed cuts at PJC of either $1.7 or $1.6 million. To allow for the 2.5 percent cut to this year's budget, vacant positions are being left open for the remainder of the fiscal year. Also, student travel has been frozen unless it is for competition purposes.

Texas A&M University-Commerce is also cutting 2.5 percent from its budget this year, which accounts for about $1 million. But President Dan Jones, during this month's Spring Assembly, said what happens next year is much less certain. Possibly reductions to the next biennial budget are feared in the ten percent range.