Political forum Thursday night in Greenville

Greenville, TX –

The Greenville Herald-Banner is hosting a political forum tonight in the Greenville High School auditorium.

A panel of Herald-Banner reporters will be asking the questions starting at 6 p.m., with the forum lasting approximately three hours. More than three dozen candidates in races contested either in the March 4 primary elections or in November-from U.S. Representative to Hunt County Constable Precinct 4-are being invited to participate, meaning that the time for questions and answers will be at a premium.

Each candidate will be given two minutes for opening remarks, be asked questions from the panel, then be given one minute for closing remarks. No questions will be accepted from the audience, but the candidates are being asked to meet with their constituents before and after their appearances, should they so choose.

Also in the interests of time, the newspaper is asking that only candidates who have an opponent-either in the primary or in November-address the audience.

The event will be taped by GEUS for later showing on its cable television system.

Early voting for the primaries begins February 19 and continues through March 4.