Presidential election season heating up

Scott Harvey

– Presidential nominees John McCain and Barack Obama will move toward a more moderate role and reach out to independents and swing voters, according to political science professor Dr. Paul Lenchner, of Texas A&M University-Commerce, in Commerce, Texas.

During the nomination process, Lenchner said, the candidates mostly catered to the most enthusiastic party members, including Republicans who tend to be strongly conservative, and Democrats who tend to be strongly liberal.

As both candidates continue to persuade voters, the economy will be a major topic of discussion, according to Lenchner.

The importance of the economy in the campaigns is due in part to the high unemployment rate, rising cost of food and gas prices and talk of a recession, Lenchner said.

Lenchner added that he is very impressed with the amount of voter participation so far this year, and he hopes even more people can get involved in November. Lenchner noted that 2004 was one of the highest voter turnouts since the 1960s, and predicts that that mark can be eclipsed this year.

This election is unusual in that it is the first time since 1952 that neither party is running an incumbent or vice president.

Click the MP3 icon to listen as Dr. Paul Lenchner talks about why he feels voter participation has increased and his hopes of that continuing.