Proposed recycling program on Council agenda

Commerce – After years of discussion, the City of Commerce hopes to soon implement a full-scale recycling program. City Manager Marc Clayton has been in talks with Anne Mills of Keep Commerce Beautiful. The committee will present their ideas to council Tuesday.

"It would involve us setting a designated dumpster at a location in Commerce where at certain designated times people could bring their plastic, their glass, their cardboard, paper, and be part of a recycling project," Clayton said.

That bin would be located at the Wastewater Plant on FM 3218 just south of the Hydro Aluminum plant. Keep Commerce Beautiful hopes to start the recycling program on a preliminary basis beginning November 1. Clayton says the original idea of having the recycling items part of the curbside pickup was too costly and delayed implementation.

Dallas area-based Duncan Disposal will pick up the materials once the bin was full.

"Everytime they come and pull it it's going to be $350 plus $14 a ton."

Clayton says it's unclear how often the company would dispose of the material because there's uncertainty of how often the residents will use the service. The city will most likely decide after a few months if this is a viable option long-term.

In the meantime, the city will pay for the service through its solid waste budget. Long-term plans could add up to a quarter or more to each citizen's monthly water bill.

Tuesday's meeting beings at 6 p.m. at City Hall.