Rains drops temperatures, doesn't relieve drought

Northeast Texas – Some much needed rain yesterday, but not enough. Thunderstorms blew through the area yesterday, bringing about an inch of rain and a break from soaring temperatures. But Northeast Texas is still dry, and much more rain would be needed to alleviate drought conditions.

Late last week, Bonham moved to Stage II of their Emergency Water Demand Plan. In addition to requests for customers to limit outside watering to non-peak hours between 10:30pm and 5:30am, several mandatory restrictions have also been enacted.

Using a hose to wash off paved areas or automobiles, draining and refilling of swimming pools, foundation watering is restricted to a hand-held hose or drip system, and construction water use is also limited to non-peak hours.

Bonham officials hope to reduce water usage by 15% with the restrictions.

The City of Commerce is also in Stage II of its Drought Contingency Plan, but may be escalating water restrictions soon. The City Council is likely to consider greater conservation efforts in regular session next week.