Recent drug busts retrieves over 300 pounds of pot

Greenville, Royse City – A drug bust along Interstate 30 nets 250 pounds of marijuana. The crime occurred Tuesday just after midnight during a routine traffic stop.

Driving the vehicle, which had Arizona license plates, was Racquel Phang Richardson, 37, who had a Florida driver's license. Richardson was accompanied by an unidentified male passenger.

During the stop, Officer Robert Pemberton with the Greenville Police Department noticed a blanket lying over several large bulky items in the back. After consent was given to search the vehicle and back up called, officers located several bundles of marijuana. Richardson indicated that the passenger did not know about the marijuana and that it was her property. She later told Officer Pemberton she was being paid to transport the marijuana to Maryland.

Richardson was arrested and charged with Possession of Marijuana. The passenger was released at the scene. The seized marijuana has an estimated street value of $375,000.

Another drug bust is reported to have occurred during the evening of January 18, where Officer Pemberton was contacted by the Royse City Police Department in reference to two vehicles that had been stopped.

After several criminal indicators were observed consent to search the vehicles was requested but denied. K-9 Ceiko then gave a positive alert on one of the vehicles and a probable cause search was conducted.

Two newly purchased suitcases were located in the trunk of the vehicle, which contained bundles of green cellophane wrapped marijuana. The drugs are reported to weigh approximately 81 pounds.

The two suspects, who were not identified, were taken into custody by the Royse City Police Department.