Recently filled position at A&M-Commerce<BR>to prove beneficial for students

Commerce – A recently filled position at Texas A&M University-Commerce will prove beneficial to the new Student Center and its students.

Lisa Martinez has been named the new Assistant Director of Marketing and New Media. Among her duties, according to MSC Director Rick Miller, are programming, developing and working with students as new media is created for the new building.

Miller says the position also requires marketing those new services, such as the new Student Center's attempts to become more energy and economically friendly. Most importantly, the job promotes working with students in obtaining these goals.

''One of the things this person will be doing is involving and encouraging and including our students in that process so to where their student center is their student center and it's programmed as such,'' says Miller.

Miller says in addition to going green, a task force has been formed to implement and create these energy efficient materials.

Among those examples are not using trays in the new Student Center's cafeteria and having water free urinals that will save 40,000 gallons of water per unit annually. Miller says the water free system is slowly being implemented across campus.

The effort also includes a clock that controls lighting throughout the day so that certain lights aren't kept on longer than need be.

In terms of a facility update, Miller says crews are nearly done with construction. They'll soon begin inspections and start moving in furnishings.

A soft opening is schedule for December 1, where personnel will actually start using the building and getting used to it. A grand opening will be held during the spring semester.