Representative Flynn receives award

Austin – Representative Dan Flynn (R-Van) was honored to recently receive a special award from the Department of Defense for successfully shepherding legislation in the 82nd Session of the Texas legislature that supported the automation of registration for Selective Service thus easing the burdens of Texans who in the past had to file separate paperwork.

Colonel Claude Hempel from Selective Service presented the award mentioning, "Representative Flynn distinguished himself by exceptionally meritorious service while serving as a member of the Texas House of Representatives. Representative Flynn was an instrumental leader and a driving force in the passage of automatic Selective Service legislation for the state of Texas."

This important initiative ensures registration with the selective service system when Texas men 18 through 25 years of age apply for a driver's license or identification card. This legislation will service to improve registration compliance in Texas for years to come. High registration compliance will contribute to greater numbers of the citizens of Texas remaining eligible for federal and other benefits associated with registration and will have a positive impact on the Texas economy.

Representative Flynn stated, "I was deeply appreciative of the award and appreciate the Department of Defense trusting me with this important initiative for the citizens of Texas." The singularly distinctive accomplishments of State Representative Flynn in service to his country reflect great credit upon himself, the selective service system, and the United States of America.

Representative Flynn is additionally well known for his expertise on Border and Homeland Security and he is passionate about solving the immigration problems that exist between the Texas State border and Mexico. He has extensive experience in Homeland Security, is the current Vice Chair of the National Conference of State Legislators (NCSL) Standing Committees and actively serves on the military affairs component of that Conference, is formerly a member of the U.S. Army , currently holds the rank of Commander in the Maritime Regiment of the State Guard, Texas Military Forces.

Flynn represents the citizens of District 2, which includes Hunt, Rains and Van Zandt counties.