S. Springs ISD purposes bond item for May 9

Sulphur Springs – The Sulpur Springs Independent School District has released details of its multi-million dollar bond issue to appear on the May 9 ballot.

The district has called for a $48.4 million school bond to build, improve and renovate facilities that will impact students at each of their eight campuses.

According to the release, the bond would cost the average homeowner approximately 60 cents per day, or about $219.00 each year for a period from between 20 and 30 years. The average home value in Sulphur Springs is $82,621. Taxpayers over the age of 65 will see no increase in their school tax bill.

If passed, the $48.4 million would be used toward the following:

- Build a new middle school for grades 6-8 on SSISD property on the new loop.

- Move 2rd and 4th grades from four campuses to current middle school. - 1st and 2nd grades will remain at Bowie, Lamar and Travis Elementary.)

- Add classrooms to Douglas Elementary 5th grade facility.

- Add a connection corridor and entrance at current middle school for security of the 3rd and 4th graders who will be on that campus.

- Build a multipurpose building that will be used for band, athletic, cheerleading, flag corps, elementary field days, and the new stat required physical fitness activities.

- Complete the soccer/track arena with restrooms, concessions, lights, parking and seating.

- Use the Austin Elementary campus for the Alternative Campus.

The new buildings and renovations will provide a larger and therefore more efficient environment for students and teachers. Eight teachers at the Sulphur Springs Middle School are reportedly without their own classroom, and all elementary schools are reportedly using bookrooms, closets and storage areas for classes. Some of the proposed features will also provide more safety for students, both inside and out.

More information on the districts $48.4 million bond proposal is available at

Voters in Paris will also decide on a bond issue on May 9. North Lamar Independent School District is proposing a $4.68 million bond proposal for high school classroom additions and renovations at other campuses.