Sandwich franchise may still come to Greenville

Greenville – Loosemeat sandwiches may still be coming to Greenville.

It was about 12 months ago the Iowa-based chain Maid-Rite Corporation announced plans for opening its first outlets in Texas, specifically Greenville.

One year later, President and CEO Bradley Burt says he still wants to locate a diner in the city and is still seeking a franchisee. In July, 2008, Maid-Rite announced they had identified Greenville as a priority city for the company's 2008 Development Growth Plan. Since then, the company opened an outlet in Arlington.

On Tuesday, Burt says he was not only looking at Greenville, but also the possibility in the Frisco and Plano areas; as all three sites continue to have growth potential.

Maid-Rite, founded in 1926, operates more than 80 franchise restaurants in nine states. The company's restaurant is patterned after classic diners and feature what is referred to as a loosemeat sandwich.