Sayle, Stonewall, Webb jobs up for grabs

Jun 16, 2014

City of Greenville officials will learn this week if there are any contractors interested in rebuilding three local streets and/or performing maintenance work on several others.

Bids are due Tuesday afternoon from companies wanting to rebuild the south end of Sayle Street, the south end of Stonewall Street and Webb Street between Sayle and Wesley Streets; as well as complete the 2014 Street Improvement Program.

Credit City of Greenville

After the bids are opened and evaluated by city staff, they will be presented to the Greenville City Council for its consideration.

Local voters approved bonds in May 2013 for the three reconstruction projects, which combined are expected to cost about $5 million.

The 2014 Street Improvement Program has a $1 million budget this year.

It is hoped the size of the entire project will help attract bids from several contractors interested in taking on the work. The city was unable to start the Sayle Street project in March, after receiving only one bid, which came in over the estimated budget.

The 2014 Street Improvement Program will not include any new construction, but will involve individual projects on portions of approximately two dozen streets in Greenville, divided among the six City Council precincts. The work will involve milling, overlaying, chip sealing and micro-surfacing on the streets.