Scam claims 2 victims in Commerce

Commerce, TX –

A KETR listener fell victim to a scam, but all it cost her was the time and trouble of closing her checking account. She wanted to tell us to warn you that there are some convincing people on the phone wanting you to give them your checking account information in order for you to receive more money from Social Security. Three times she told them no, but the fourth time they called they said this was her last chance. She gave in, then decided it was a scam. She was able to get to her bank and close her account before the scammers cleaned her out. She then went to the police department to file a report. She found out she was the second person to file this kind of report. It's another example of the cliche "If it's too good to be true", chances are it is a scam. Contact local authorities if someone tries to rip you off.