Scammers contacting Lamar Electric members

Apr 3, 2014

In Texas, there has been a recent problem with scammers contacting electric cooperative customers posing as cooperative employees to try to get money and personal information.

They are primarily targeting the elderly, but have been targeting businesses as well.

They scam the customers by first calling them to inform the customer they are behind on a payment, then saying there is a truck on its way to their house to disconnect power if they did not pay it over the phone or go to Wal-mart and send them the money.

Lamar Electric says that any member who receives a suspicious call should ask the name of the caller and a phone number to call back, then hang up and immediately report it to the police. Asking the caller for any information, like a name or phone number, may help authorities locate the scam artist(s).

So far there has been one report of this kind of scam in Delta County.