School Board Accepts and Rejects Property Bids

Oct 26, 2012

COOPER - The Cooper ISD Board of Trustees met Monday to discuss matters related to property.

After adjourning from executive session, the Board approved the sale of property 1261 or the “old ISS house” to Carmen Chessher with her bid of $7,557.00, as the only bid on the property and to accept Delbert Horton’s bid of $21,405 for the “east playground” property adjacent to his current property.

After a discussion they rejected the only bid of $2,000 by Bobby Irvin on property 5297 or “south playground.”  

The Board also accepted the bid of Brookwood Construction as the contractor for the renovations to the “old Headstart house.” The District will receive just over $42,000 of insurance money towards the cost and will be paying approximately $8,000 out of pocket to complete the necessary repairs to make the building suitable as the new administration building.

Superintendent Denicia Hohenberger stated the District just recently received “superior achievement,” the highest rating in the Financial Integrity Rating System of Texas (FIRST).
The Board will meet again on Monday, Nov. 12.