School Resource Officer closer to a reality for Commerce ISD

Commerce – Commerce Police and the Commerce ISD have established a memorandum of understanding on implementing a School Resource Officer. Talks have been on-going for several years regarding the SRO, and grants have been sought for the past several years to fund the program. Those monies were not granted, however, and the decision was made to move ahead and fund the SRO locally.

According to the memorandum, 75% of the officer's salary would be paid through the school system, with the city paying the rest. The officer would be stationed at the school to deal with criminal matters, but would have other duties according to Commerce Police Chief Kerry Crews.

CREWS: They'll use the Triad concept, which means the officer will be first and foremost law enforcement; but they'll also serve as counselors and teachers. So they'll do some programs for the school at the direction of the school principle.

The memorandum of understanding was presented to the Commerce City Council and the CISD School Board in separate workshops earlier this week. The item likely will be considered at the regular meetings of the two later this month.