Scouts Searching for Bois d'Arc Destinations

Hunt County, TX – As Northeast Texas counties complete their applications for admission to the Bois d'Arc Kingdom, an alliance devoted to celebrating the remarkable tree and attracting visitors to bois d'arc destinations, the organization is increasing the number of scouts who will be identifying notable bois d'arc attractions. Potential volunteers may obtain more information and register as scouts by calling 903-886-6498.

The bois d'arc destination may be a photogenic tree, one with unusual contours, one identified with Northeast Texas history, or one growing in an unusual setting. Other attractions could be entrance gates and fences made of bois d'arc, interesting mail boxes mounted on bois d'arc posts, uses of the wood as building pegs, foundations, decorations, boundaries in land surveys. "The Northeast Texas landscape is saturated with artistic and practical adaptations of the tree," Allen Rich, prime minister of the Bois d'Arc Kingdom, says. "We also want to gain recognition as the only place on earth where the tree has grown in its native habitat since the last ice age. Elsewhere, the tree has been naturalized in areas throughout the world."
Once a significant number of counties have been recognized as members of the Kingdom, a free map will be issued identifying bois d'arc destinations. "Ideally, the attractions should be located in accessible locations, not on private or restricted land," Rich added.