Second fake census form reported in region

Commerce – Another possible fake census form has been reported in Commerce, this one occurring in the 2800 block of Windy Dr. A resident believes they may have received the form. However, it was unclear if the individual filled it out.

Earlier this week, a female resident in the 3000 block of Choctaw reported that she received and filled out two census forms, one that asked for her social security number.

The official 2010 Census form does not ask for such information. Authorities are asking you make sure to read the form thoroughly before filling it out and that you are indeed sending it back to the 2010 Census Bureau. The form should be accompanied by a self addressed prepaid postage envelope.

The Census Bureau may send you a second form. But if you fail to fill out either a census taker will come to your door to get the information needed. If this happens, you're to ensure that the person properly identifies themselves before giving them any census information.

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