Senator Deuell struggling to bring bill to vote

Austin – A local state senator is leading the charge to renew legislation barring Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from the Women's Health Program.

SB 1854 would ban Planned Parenthood from continued participation in the Medicaid program and encourage women to choose from one of hundreds of non-abortion Medicaid health clinics instead.

Sponsor of the new legislation, District 2 State Senator Bob Deuell, of Greenville, is struggling to get the bill to the Senate floor for a vote.

The Austin American Statesman reports Democrats have balked at a provision that dissolves the program if abortion affiliates sue to regain entrance. Planned Parenthood already has promised to sue if the legislation passes.

To combat the threat of a lawsuit, Deuell's provision makes it so the entire Demonstration Project for Women's Health Care Services health program is shut down if an abortion business files and wins a lawsuit against the provision preventing funding.