Silver Leos "Show, Don't Tell" event set for June 12

Commerce – Northeast Texas writers will gather in Commerce on Saturday, June 12 for the free "Show, Don't Tell" workshop that marks the first anniversary of the Silver Leos Writing Club. Participants will be showing, instead of telling the readers what transpires in creative fiction and nonfiction.

Workshops will be held in the Alumni Center at A&M-Commerce from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. Dr. Fred Tarpley, A&M-Commerce professor emeritus of literature and languages, as well as acclaimed novelists Jim Ainsworth and Suzanne Morris, will serve as presenters.

Tarpley will explore the importance of "Show, Don't Tell," and will provide exercises for applying techniques that create direct scenes as opposed to relying too heavily upon summary narrative.

Ainsworth and Morris will demonstrate how they revised lifeless scenes into successful and vital components of their published novels.

The Silver Leos cordially invite the public to attend the workshop, according to Lavonne Wells, president of the writing club. Reservations can be made by calling Dr. Tarpley at 903-886-6498. Details of the meeting will be mailed to all inquirers. Capacity is limited, so early reservations are recommended.