Slaughter plant dissected in Cooper City Council meeting

Aug 13, 2014

Nearly 50 local citizens showed their concern for the opening of the upcoming slaughter plant in Cooper this past Monday night at the City Council meeting.

Azhar Mohammed and Mohammed Ahmed, representing Halaway, Inc. along with Ben Jasso and his wife who own a slaughter plant in Wilmer, Texas, addressed each and every question and concern. Jasso went as far as to invite the public to tour his family-owned Triple J Livestock slaughter plant in Wilmer, in which the Cooper plant is being patterned. Jasso firmly explained his company has been deemed exemplary by State inspectors with no odor or code violations.

Ben Jasso who owns the Triple J Livestock slaughter plant in Wilmer, Texas addresses the many questions the large crowd for the upcoming establishment in Cooper at Monday's City Council Meeting.
Credit Cindy Roller / Cooper Review

The company did not request, nor is it receiving any tax abatements or incentives from the City of Cooper. They hope to employ 15 to 25 local employees and will purchase local livestock, process and sell to and for the public.

Halaway representatives said they are hardworking businessmen and look forward to opening their operation on FM 64 near State Highway 24 in October after over a year of researching, planning and preparation to make the plant exceed all of the necessary requirements on all levels.

Cooper Mayor Scotty Stegall stated $650,000 being invested in this plant would add to the tax base of the city.

The next City Council meeting will be at 6 p.m. on September 8, 2014 at City Hall.