Standardized dress code for Greenville to be recommended

Greenville – A committee formed to study the possibility of a standardized dress code for Greenville schools will be recommending the approval of the measure. The group will formally endorse the dress code at the GISD school board meeting next Monday.

The committee said the standardized dress code is meant to build self esteem, bridge socioeconomic difference, reduce ethnic and racial tensions, and encourage positive behavior.

Opponents of the proposed dress code have said the uniforms would inhibit self-expression, potentially require expenses some families cannot afford, and fall short of intended goals.

The dress code would include red, white, or black polo-style shirts, turtlenecks, or blouses; khaki or black pants or skirts; and black or brown leather-like shoes or black, white, or grey tennis shoes.

The committee also released the results of a survey showing 873 respondents in favor of standardized dress, 288 opposed, and 79 willing to support any decision by the board.