State's electric grid not alone in record demand

Greenville – The Greenville Electric Utility System is reporting a new record for maximum electricity demand.

The record-breaking 121 Mega Watts was reached on August 2, marking a 2.5 percent increase over the previous record set last summer.

An even higher peak was averted on August 3rd with a collaborative effort by some local industries, the business community and residents who voluntarily cut back on usage. The same conservation practices have been asked of residents throughout Texas to help the State's electric grid avoid rolling outages.

GEUS says the company's maximum peak twenty years ago was at 90MW, indicating a significant increase in energy demand from residents and businesses over the last couple of decades.

GEUS' generating plants, including the new 25MW fast-start, natural-gas fired unit, have been active this year providing power daily and throughout the recent crisis to help the State.