Still Life with Iris opens on University Mainstage

The award-winning play opens up October 16th on the Mainstage of the University Playhouse on the A&M-Commerce campus. Click for more information and to listen to an interview with Director Carrie Klypchak and lead Rachel Fields. Visit the blog at

Still Life with Iris opens on University Mainstage

commerce – The University Playhouse at Texas A&M University-Commerce will open the fall season with the debut of "Still Life with Iris," an award-winning new play, at 8 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 16.

"Through the magic of theater and child-like imagination, "Still Life with Iris" provides entertainment that both enlightens and educates," director Carrie Klypchak said.

The play, named after Van Gough's famous painting, tells the story of a young artist's fantastical voyage of discovery and his search for home, family, and acceptance, while learning that that the pursuit of excellence is not the same as the attempt to achieve absolute perfection.

"'Still Life with Iris' is sure to engage audiences of all ages much in the way J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis appeal to adults and children alike," Klypchak said.

Also, the Theater Department has teamed up with the department of Literature and Languages - some of the cast members are contributing to a "teen reading blog" run by Dr. Susan Stewart and her graduate students at A&M-Commerce. The cast members are talking about their experience with working with award-winning literature that can appeal to young audiences as well as adults. The Blog is available at

Students in third through seventh grade can take advantage of the first-time collaboration between the University Playhouse and the A&M-Commerce Planetarium, with planetarium shows offered before and after each weekday matinee.

Tickets for the evening and Sunday matinees are $3 for students, $8 for senior citizens and $10 for adults. Weekday performances are $3 for students, and free for accompanying teachers and sponsors.

For tickets and additional show times, call 903-886-5900 or email

For more information on the planetarium shows, contact Cheri Davis, assistant planetarium director at A&M-Commerce, 903-468-8650 or fax 903-468-8651, or visit

Click above to listen to Kevin Jefferies and Scott Harvey speak with Director Carrir Klypchak and lead A&M-Commerce senior Rachel Fields.