Store heavily damaged in burlgary attempt

Commerce (4:23 p.m.) – A Commerce business, in the midst of a major remodeling effort, suffers both exterior and interior damage after burglars broke into the facility early Monday morning.

Police are reporting unknown persons gained entry into the Brookshire Grocery along Culver Street by breaking into the roof. Once inside, the burglars unsuccessfully attempted to gain entry into the store's safe in the front of the store. They then used a forklift within the store to break into the manager's office and proceeded to transport the safe outside before the forklift became stuck in the wet grass.

Although nothing was taken from the store, there was major damage to the manager's area and checkout counters, forcing the store's closure for an unknown amount of time. The case remains under investigation.

If anyone has information on this crime they're encouraged to contact Commerce Police at (903) 886-1139. You may remain anonymous.

Construction crews since early this year have been remodeling the facility by updating the outside and entrance design, installing new flooring and new appliances.