Suicide at Greenville High School

Greenville – Tragedy struck the Greenville High School yesterday, as a student shot and killed himself at the school.

Students were visibly shaken as they left the school yesterday after a High School Junior shot himself in the school's band hall shortly after 7am yesterday morning. The boy was taken to Presbyterian of Greenville and pronounced dead around 8am. An autopsy has been ordered.

Original reports said the student had shot himself in front of several of his peers, but police could find no one who witnessed the event.

Making statements yesterday, GISD Superintendent Lloyd Graham had to step away from cameras to compose himself once, and said this was a shooting at a school, not a school shooting.

Some parents and students expressed concern over how a gun got into school. Greenville High does not use metal detectors.

One girl that identified herself as a friend said the boy had had some problems and had told others he wanted to hurt himself. Another student said the boy had just broken up with his girlfriend and was upset.

Extra counselors are on hand today to help students and staff cope with the tragedy.