Sulphur Springs, Paris Among Top Donors to Obama, Romney

Oct 12, 2012

The Texas Tribune has compiled donation totals for President Barack Obama and former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney as the two compete for support in the Lone Star State.

So far, the former governor leads the President in collections, with roughly $20 million to Obama’s $13.9 million. The figures are broken down by zip code, which candidates are required to track if a donor gives at least $200.

Locally, the Obama campaign has received over $10,000 from the 75482 zip code, which encompasses Sulphur Springs and western Hopkins County. Donors in the Paris and Reno area code of 75462 have donated more than $9,500 to the Romney campaign. Tribune reports that Obama's average donation was $144, while Romney's average was $675.

Here's the map. Please note, we’ve noticed a glitch in the interactive map where the zip code shows the same donation totals for each candidate. At last check, you can get around this by clicking from one candidate to the next, then hit refresh, and the figure should change to show the appropriate amount.