Summer Heat in Texas: How Bad Has it Been?

Aug 10, 2012

This summer has brought many days of heat to North Texas. But compared to 2011, it hasn't been that bad.

The National Weather Service has compared July, 2011 to July, 2012, and has come back with significant results. 

The average temperature in July 2011 was recorded as 102.9 degrees. This year, it was only 99.9 degrees, a 3 degree drop.   Through August 9 of last year, The Dallas-Fort Worth area had experienced 46 100-plus degree days, nearly double that of 2012.

But temperature wasn't the only difference. We also saw a jump in average rainfall, rising from .09" in 2011, to .78" this year.   

Credit National Weather Service

While North Texas has been experiencing a much less extreme summer than last year, the U.S is experiencing what has become the warmest summer on record.

Credit U.S Department of Agriculture

The U.S Department of Agriculture has released an image showing the the number of 100-plus degree temperature days across the nation  in the last month. It shows nearly a quarter of the nation has experienced at least 20 days of those conditions so far.

But relief could be on the way. An unseasonably strong cold front is expected to move in to the U.S this week, bringing cooler weather to most of the Central/Eastern U.S.

North Texas will be on the edge of this cool front, but will still experience a cool off from the triple-digit heat.

Cool front on the way!
Credit National Weather Service