The surveys SAY...

Commerce, TX – At Monday night's Commerce school board meeting, consultants will present findings to the trustees. Retired Mesquite superintendent John Horn, who lives near Commerce and has grandchildren in the district, says C-I-S-D can be a destination job for the right person.

At last check, Doctor Horn said about a dozen people have expressed interest in the Superintendent's job.

From the consultant's master list of 19 possible attributes collected from prior searches, here are the top 13 categories collected from the Commerce school board:

1) Leadership
2) Employees & Colleagues
3) Ethical/Moral
4) Curriculum & Instruction
5) Teamwork
6) Communicatioon
7) Alliances
8) Continous Improvement
9) Finances/Business
10) Human Relations
11) Diversity
12) School Board relations
13) Goal-oriented