Suspect arrrested in Hunt County murder

Hunt County – A suspect has been arrested in connection with a Hunt County murder. A 44-year-old white male was arrested a short time following a shooting Thursday morning at the Jackpot Game Room between Quinlan and West Tawakoni.

The owner, Charlene Hoover Jones, was working at the time and was robbed at gunpoint. Hoover suffered multiple gunshot wounds during the robbery and died as the result of her injuries.

The suspect made off with an undetermined amount of money from the game room, but was identified by authorities and arrested about one hour later, then transported to the Hunt County Criminal Justice Center, where he was being held Thursday night. The suspect's name was not released, pending his receiving a magistrate's warning on the charge and the setting of bond, likely to take place today.

Thursday's homicide was the first reported murder in Hunt County so far in 2008.

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